Mobile Signal Booster in Mumbai


Nowadays, without cell phones, life is nothing, because it is not just used for calls, it is also used for business purpose, online shopping and more. It requires full network to work smoothly, and now there are people in many places or basements, where there is no network coverage, and who have difficulty in making calls. Mobile Signal Booster Mumbai brings 2G + 3G Mobile Signal Booster to all GSM networks such as: Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, MTNL, and BSNL at Juhu, Kharghar, Colaba, Panvel, Bandra, South MG, Zaveri Bazaar, Hindmata Wednesday Market, and Lamington Road in Mumbai, India. These devices are import from Hong Kong, Taiwan.

A cell phone has become an important requirement in life, because our daily activities are directly or indirectly linked to it and it is not only for calling but also for business purpose, online shopping, gaming, study, movies etc. Also useful for But unfortunately, most of the activities require a reliable internet connectivity, which you need a full GSM 2G / 3G network connectivity for proper functioning.

Our Products and Services

At Signal Booster Mumbai, we offer various under four main categories:

1. 2G Mobile Signal Booster 2. 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster 3. 3G Mobile Signal Booster 4. 4G Mobile Signal Booster

These devices are imported from top class electronic equipment manufacturers of Hong Kong and Taiwan having global reputation of being world leader in electronics and information technology industries

Features of our Product and Service:

We have an upper hand in Mumbai region owing to certain advantages like:

Quality Products: Only genuine and high-quality products are sold. We neither promote nor use pirated products.

Wide Area Coverage: With a wide range ability to cover around 2000 square ft. area, the booster is there to solve your network related issues

Assistance over call: In the case of any confusion or issues you can simply contact us with the phone number provided.

After Sales Service: Team of experienced servicemen to assist you better.

Warranty: One-year complete replacement warranty on the product to encourage a robust usage and customer satisfaction.

What is a Cell Phone Booster?

Mobile Signal Booster is a device that boosts the vulnerable mobile network at your home or office. It is a device that increases your voice and data both. So you will get voice clear at inside your house as well as you can upload and download data faster.

There are three main things to set up mobile signal booster at your home of office, which s described below:

Outdoor antenna: Usually the outdoor antenna is installed on the roof of a building, where the mobile signal is very strong about -50DBM to -60DBM.

Mobile Signal Repeater: Repeater’s work is to get the signal of the outdoor antenna and throw it inside of house.

Indoor Antenna: Indoor antenna is placed inside your home where you need a mobile network. This covers all around 1000 square feet.

Benefits of Mobile Signal Booster

1. Strong all mobile network like: 2G 3G 4G Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, MTNL, BSNL,

2. Full mobile signal and no call drop.

3. Mobile data downloads and uploaded very fast.

4. Better audio quality to talk.

5. Don’t need to charge battery again and again.

6. If your data going on faster than you get your email inbox very quickly.

7. Satisfaction of your mind.

Install Mobile Signal Booster at your Home or Office?

At Mobile Signal Booster Mumbai, you will see network boosting technology that you can buy and install it’s on your home or office where signal is weak. It is very easy to install. It has ability to cover around 2000 sq fit. After installing mobile signal booster you don’t need to worry about losing important call.

Ease of Access and Installation process:

At Mobile Signal Booster Mumbai, we are ready to serve you with a network boosting technology that is affordable and comes with an easy installation process. You don’t have to worry anymore about mobile network loss issue further, as after installing our signal booster device you need not get concerned about losing an important call either your home or office. Doesn’t matter whatsoever is the place of concern is, the booster will directly take the care of the place where the signal is weak. You are 8 step away from living a life connected to your associates, employees, family and friends and we are there to help you with an installation-friendly process.

The Step-by-Step Process is mentioned below

1. Install the Outdoor antenna unit at the top of building where signals are good.

2. use LMR 400 Cable to connect outdoor antenna.

3. establish a connection between cable and connector.

4. Connect outdoor antenna with input point of the main device.

5. Connect indoor antenna with output point of the device.

6. Plug the 12V power supported adapter to the main device.

7. Place the device to check the signals in the room and place it at the weakest coverage area.

8. Now your Installation process is complete. Experience interruption-free mobile services.

Support System

Signal Booster Mumbai brings a top-notch technology for a singular system of 2G or 3G as well as hybrid network platforms of 2G 3G 4G mobile signal booster segment. The Product supports all major GSM enabled telecom operators like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, MTNL, and BSNL.

Area of Coverage

At all the posh location of India, our devices work efficiently. Juhu, Kharghar, Colaba, Panvel, Bandra, South MG, Zaveri Bazaar, Hindmata Wednesday Market, Lamington Road in Mumbai to name a few. Our presence in all major industrial and metropolitan cities across India gives us exposure to handle and understand the customer needs better.

You can call us anytime on our contact no +91-9893533832 or you can simply write us on our E-mail id too. You can also visit us in our office location which is located in Vashi area of Navi Mumbai. We provids mobile signal amplifier at Wholesale prce and we are manufacturers Supplier installation service provider in in all cites of India

installation of mobile signal outdoor antenna in mumbai

Outdoor Mobile Signal Installation Antenna

Install Outdoor antenna at top of bulding where signal is good,

cannect cable and connector


Connect outdoor antenna with LMR 400 Cable.

connect cable with connecter

Cable With Connecter

Add connecter wiht cable.

Connect outdoor antenna wiht input point of man device

Connect Outdoor Antenna With Booster

Connect outdoor antenna wiht input point of man device from BTS side

connet with indoor antenna

Connect With Indoor Antenna

connetc indoor antenna with output point of main device form mobile side.

plugin in adapter

Plugin in Adapter

12V power has been given by adapter to main device

signal comming

Signal Comming!

Signal is comming, you should have to hang on signal throwing antenna wher network is week.

done installation of signal repeater

Mobile Signal Booster Installation in Mumbai

Now network booster has been installed.

Our Latest Product


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Dear Customer,

We congratulate you on your choice of my product and I am very happy to inform you about my success in telecommunication industry with my costumers and for the fact that I have installed and sold several mobile signal booster and jammer in all over India.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. We give one year warranty form the date of installation.
  2. We can not give guarantee/warranty on external parts such as adopter, power cable and other external parts etc.
  3. The Warranty is void if:-
    • We found that our device / product has been repaired, serviced by the unauthorized person.
    • Voltage of power supply is not within specified limits.

What Customers Say

  • Many customers call us and same questions, how can be improved cell reception? My answer- there are more option depend on you, what have you like to do? When you are at your closed home or basement, your mobile signal may be weak so you should have to move top of floor of your home for get better mobile signal or call us for installing Mobile Signal Booster at your home or office.

  • Customers questions is do mobile signal booster really work? My answer- Yes, It really provides 100% signal. Its receive signal from out door means top of building and its throw inside of home. If it’s not get proper signal from outdoor than it’s cannot work.

  • For several days, I was upset about bad mobile signals, and wanted to solve it. Then I searched about it on the Internet and found the Signal Booster Mumbai, after reading it completely, know that poor signal can get a solution for it. Then I contact Signal Booster Mumbai and he told me that we can get 100% of the solution.

    Finally, I have installed a cell phone signal booster in my home. Since then, I can talk to anyone on my phone without any interruption.

    I feel very good at putting a mobile signal booster in my home, and with this help of signal booster, mobile network has become very strong. It has solved all kinds of issues like uploading and downloading.

  • I am a student, and I need to watch the video on my mobile phone. This runs very slowly because of poor signal. And when I told about bad signal with my friend, he has installed a Mobile Signal Booster device at my house, so that, now I see the video without any interruption. Thank you for improving the strength of cell phone signals at my home, now I can study very well through internet.